Well Service & Rehabilitation

Well Service and Rehabilitation

Weisinger Incorporated services and rehabilitates existing groundwater wells of all sizes and types from single family home wells up to the highest capacity with the largest, best equipped fleet of service rigs in the industry. Experienced staff members include specialists, technicians and professional engineers who provide quality well solutions in a timely manner using proven analysis methods and well repair techniques.

Our expert team diagnoses water well problems after gathering empirical information and technical data using the following methods:

  • Performance testing for wells & pumps
  • Electrical diagnostics, service & rehabilitation
  • Water level measurement
  • Vibration & thermal analysis
  • Down-hole television service (in house)
  • Geophysical logging
  • Troubleshooting motors & pumps
  • Test pumping to all capacities

Weisinger Incorporated cleans screen and casing using chemical (i.e. acidizing), physical (i.e. brushing or swabbing) or jetting methods. As a full-service professional firm, our team is proficient with well redevelopment, patching and relining casing, relining or replacing screens, and installing cathodic well protection.

The Weisinger in-house pump repair team remains on standby to reduce the mean time between failures. And because equipment never breaks down at a convenient time, we recommend preventative maintenance services as the best approach to improve efficiency.

We also maintain a similar approach to residential well projects.  Click here for more information.

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