Part & Component Sales

Part and Component Sales

Weisinger Incorporated’s multifaceted warehouse stock includes a wide variety of motors, pumps and accessories. Inventory includes:

  • Submersible vertical turbine, vertical line shaft turbine, mixed flow, end suction, split-case, horizontal propeller and sump pumps;
  • Vertical hollow shaft, horizontal and submersible motors;
  • Electrical panels, controls, switches, and flat, round, jacketed and double jacketed submersible cable; and
  • Gauges, well seals, check valves, gate valves, plumbing fittings, column pipe, discharge heads and cycle stop valves.
  • ASME-coded hydro tank vessels that are approved by the TCEQ for drinking water standards and non-coded vessels for other applications up to 900 gallons; and
  • Galvanized, fiberglass, epoxy-lined, captive air (bladder), polyethylene and hydro-pneumatic tanks up to 550 gallons.

*Note: A wide variety of variations, including larger sizes, may be ordered to meet customers’ needs.

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