For major emergencies, including major storms and floods that can plague our region, Weisinger Incorporated has assembled a network of on-call vendors, manufacturers, tradesmen, and subcontractors ready to troubleshoot, repair, and/or replace equipment in water plants, water and wastewater treatment facilities, and water wells.

The following are among the services and equipment offered by Weisinger Incorporated:

  • Rental fleet of VHS motors from 30 HP to 500 HP
  • Motor repair, replacement, and rentals including installation
  • Booster pump repairs and replacement
  • Water well flood remediation, pump repairs, and replacement. Well pump rental equipment and installation up to 5,000 GPM
  • Water well disinfection services
  • Gear drive repairs and replacement
  • Blower repairs and replacement
  • Electrical & controls troubleshooting and installation

Our technicians, full-service machine shop, and support fleet are on-call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and are ready to help you tackle the challenges facing Texas in the wake of floods and storm emergencies.

Let us know how Weisinger Incorporated can assist you in exceeding you and your customer’s expectations.

Scott Weisinger, President & CEO 713-249-7606 sweisinger@weisingerinc.com
Michael Weisinger, Vice President 936-537-9834 mweisinger@weisingerinc.com
Cameron Weisinger, Service Manager 936-230-2273 cpweisinger@weisingerinc.com
BJ Alldredge, Sales Territory Manager 713-248-4921 bjalldredge@weisingerinc.com
Randy Hagen, Service Manager 936-203-8140 rhagen@weisingerinc.com
Ryan Paige, Sales Manager 713-389-0544 rpaige@weisingerinc.com
Chris Gillam, Technical Dept. Mgr. 713-898-0915 dlavora@weisingerinc.com
Larry Thrasher, Pump Applications 936-523-0282 lthrasher@weisingerinc.com
Hansel Lemus, Service Manager 936-523-0281 hlemus@weisingerinc.com
Ronnie Castaneda, Project Manager 903-216-8671 rcastaneda@weisingerinc.com
Steve Bell, Branch Manager 210-727-4488 sbell@weisingerinc.com
Charlie McCulloch, Sales Territory Manager 713-248-7453 cmculloch@weisingerinc.com
Steve Martin, Sales Territory Manager 210-807-0423 smartin@weisingerinc.com