Company History

Well drilling and construction goes back four generations in the Weisinger family, but more important are the foundational values of integrity, professionalism and commitment passed down from generation to generation.

Scott Weisinger has worked closely with his family in the industry his entire life, and plans to keep his business in the family. Both of his children currently work at Weisinger Incorporated, alongside more than several hundred highly skilled, dedicated associates.

This family business attracts people who share the company’s core values and commitment to quality and excellence. There are a number of employees who have worked for the company more than 25-30 years, and say it feels more like a family than an employer. All employees, from the field crews to the geoscientists, take pride in investing personal attention to clients’ needs, leading to tailored solutions and lasting relationships.

Weisinger Incorporated operates as a team with one goal in mind – to exceed clients’ needs safely, on-time and on-budget. This is one of the strengths in our design. We operate with a flat organizational structure so that decisions can be quickly made, enabling the water to flow.

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