Owned and operated by family, Weisinger Incorporated treats every employee as a member of the team. In over forty years of business, our team has grown to more than several hundred people.

We grow sustainably. In those forty years, the company has never laid off employees. Employment at Weisinger is reliable, and is less subject to the volatility of the oil market which makes up such a major part of the Texas economy.

The employees who have worked here for over twenty five years are true testaments to the career opportunities available. Most of our managers and supervisors started with Weisinger as roughnecks. Their commitment to advancing their skills while ensuring a safe, timely job well done for the customer helped them move up. The same opportunity exists for you.

Weisinger Incorporated is an equal opportunity employer.

“Weisinger is more like family to me than an employer.”
– BJ, 40-year Weisinger Veteran